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Misae Endo (Piano)

Misae was born in Tokyo.  She began learning the organ at the age of 3 and changed to piano lessons when she was 5 years old.
She was recommended to apply to a conservatorium.  However, she had a dream to join an Airline and work as Cabin Crew.
She attended the Oxford Academy in England to obtain English diplomas, and her dream has come true.  Since 1989 she has been working for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines as Cabin Crew.
In 1993 she moved to the Netherlands for her work with KLM.  After this move, she continued with her piano lessons, focusing on piano duets and piano quatre-mains.
At a KLM staff party in 2007, she played quatre-mains with Wibi Soerjadi, an internationally recognized Indonesian-Dutch concert pianist and composer.  That was for Wibi, the first and only time that he played quatre-mains.
From 2013 she has been playing piano and timpani for the Airchestra, KLM symphony orchestra.
Unfortunately, due to neck hernias since 2014 and complications arising from this, she has had to stop playing timpani, but she is trying to overcome this by continuing to play the piano.
She played “Adagio” from Mozart’s Piano concert No.23 at the KLM Airchestra summer concert in 2015 and “Adagio” from Grieg’s Piano concert Op.16 at the KLM Airchestra summer concert in 2017.
(Please refer to the video’s→Mozart Grieg)

Marga Vaillant (Piano)

In her childhood Marga heard several music styles such as; opera, dixieland, classical music, and the easy listening jazz music that her much older brother learnt her to play when she was only 4 years old.  The best birthday present ever was her first piano lesson at age 7. But, that did not last too long, although her musical talent became apparent. Contrary to what seems the obvious she had a strong desire to go for a working career. However, the piano became the red thread throughout her entire working career.
At young age she already started to accompany small to large (pop)choirs in music styles varying from Gregorian music, classical music (with favorite composers as Chopin, Schubert, Scriabin, Beethoven), musicals, (light) pop music and easy listening jazz.
When she finalized her full-time working career, time allowed her to extend the friendship with Sachiko Kotani. This brought them, as a true highlight, to a performance solo as well as a duo, in the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, that took place in the totally sold out Kleine Zaal.

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Sachiko Kotani (Flute)

Sachiko was born in Kanagawa, Japan and started her first piano lessons when she was 4 years old. In 1975, when she was 10, she moved to Boston, Massachusetts, the United States, This is where she decided to start taking private flute lessons at her primary school. Since then she became more attracted to flute than to piano.
She came back to Japan at the age of 11. Since her junior- and high school period, she was very active in playing the flute in the school Wind symphony orchestra. She also played the flute in a local symphony orchestra in Tokyo every Sunday and often performed in public.
Sachiko started taking private flute lessons again when she became a high school student.
During her study in Kansai University of Foreign Languages in Osaka, she took the chance to study abroad in the State University of New York in Albany. During her study in the US, she also took private lessons from a professor specialised in flute in the music Department of the university.
In 1990, she moved to the Netherlands and met her pianist, Marga Vaillant. Together with her, she performed at the Concertgebouw kleinezaal in 2015. Since then, she started to perform more often with her Mimosa music pianist, Marga and Misae.
Her passion with music is to touch people’s heart and to connect the people through music.